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Get XLSX Open File Tool if you encounter difficulties with MS Excel documents that were suddenly damaged for any reason
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30 January 2014

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This is a software tool that helps open damaged XLSX files.

XSLX is the file format used by Excel spreadsheet program starting with its 2007 version. Excel spreadsheets and the workbooks are used to do financial and other data based calculations. Sometimes, they even have complex economic models in them. In general, Excel files are quite important most often and any complex worksheet or workbook will be big enough so that recreating any of them manually will be quite painful. XLSX Open File Tool saves critical information when a user is unable to open file Excel XLSX. This program is developed for data recovery purposes. This tool allows opening of documents to quickly repair corrupted worksheets. Sometimes, these files may have data that will be compromised if these were to be sent to any outside services agencies. The tool can be operated over a network so that many of your team will be able to access these easily.

This utility is able to work on a wide range of configurations so that you do not need to worry if you have the right kind of PC. You just need to make sure the file you want recovered is pointed to properly. Other parameters and settings set on the interface should not be modified. The interface is simple enough that most users should be able to get going very easily. Besides, there is a wizard available that is very useful. Like most such recovery programs, this tool too uses a lot of accumulated knowledge about the patterns of failures that happen in these files. This is a good product. It has many useful features. If you were looking for a product like this, this is one you could try out.

Publisher's description

XLSX Open File Tool is exactly what you need to resolve the damage of MS Excel files, occurred in any environment and damaging the internal structure of corresponding workbooks. The recovery of XLSX documents, powered by XLSX Open File Tool permits restoring corresponding documents and exports repaired items into a new file of MS Excel format. It is really easy to try, free version of XLSX Open File Tool allows opening damaged worksheets on any computer running MS Windows 98 and older versions of this operating system. There are no any restrictions for the usage of its free version so you may simply get the installation file on your computer, trigger this document, wait until the installation of XLSX Open File Tool is successfully completed and prepare to start the analysis of damaged documents. Open the online guide for XLSX Open File Tool if you have some questions about how to open corrupted documents of MS Excel format, otherwise follow the guidelines of this program and prepare to select a document of corresponding extension by clicking the open file button. As soon as you call the file selection dialog, provided by this application, this tool suggests choosing a document of MS Excel format to be processed and it is everything you should do. The automation of all data recovery processes, powered by XLSX Open File Tool, makes the rest so you can simply check the path to selected document one more time and move to the analysis itself by clicking the Next softkey as soon as everything seems to be ready. Do not worry if you select a wrong file of corresponding format, the analysis of XLS files, performed by XLSX Open File Tool, does not put any modifications to damaged files during the process of file recovery therefore this procedure is really safe. As soon as the analysis is successfully completed, XLSX Open File Tool moves to the previewing of repaired document and suggests selecting the data into clean XLS documents when it is possible.
XLSX Open File Tool
XLSX Open File Tool
Version 2.1.5
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